Study on Interleaving as a means to reduce ink corrosion in manuscripts

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportKonferencebidrag i proceedingsForskningpeer review

TitelProceedings of the ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Meeting, March 11-12, 2004, Ljubljana, Slovenia
RedaktørerICOM-CC Graphic Documents Working Group
Antal sider2
Udgivelses stedLjubljana
ForlagNational and University Library
ISBN (Trykt)961-6162-95-0
StatusUdgivet - 2004

Bibliografisk note

M. STRLIČ: PAPYLUM Project. A new tool for better understanding of oxidative degradation; J. KOLAR: InkCor - Stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper; J. HAVERMANS: European thematic network. Transition metals in paper; G. BANIK: WATER IN PAPER - An European Project within the Framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program; K. JANSSENS: Determination of localised Fe(II)/Fe(III) ratios in inks by means of micro-XANES; V. R. R. QUILLET: Analysis of two high corroded original iron gall ink manuscripts; B. V. HANSEN: Study on interleaving as a mean to reduce ink corrosion on manuscripts. - I. V. D. BOGAERT: Removing varnishes from paper artefacts. A domino reaction; S. ISHIKAWA: Conservation & Restoration of a 19th century calligraphy of Baha'i writing in Arabic; Z. GENADRY: A material study of a xvith century Perisan lacquered manuscript; M. C. SISTACH: Microscopic spot tests applied to the study of paper fibres; J. VODOPIVEC: Effect of starch coating during the leaf casting technique; R. LARSEN: Improved damage assessment of parchment; C. KENNEDY: The use of microfocus X-ray diffraction to examine the structure of collagen in parchment; R. YALLOP: A review of cleaning methods for vellum and parchment. - C. A. MAXWELL: Skin to Parchment, but what happens in between?; P. RAVINES: A new approach to the photographic documentation of objects using 3D laser scanners; N. BELL: Non-Paper Architectural plans c. 1790 - present. Identification and characterisation; U. HENNIGES: CSC Book Saver spraying system in single item conservation; M. KROPÁCKOVA: Storing art on paper collaction - Work in progress; L. WATTEEUW: Preserving, cleaning and consolidating graphic documents before 1900; I. YPERMAN: Study of 19th century imitation gold leather in Belgium. - A. STIJNMAN: Graphic qualities of etchings and engravings produced between 1540 and 1600; A. PATAKI: Influence on the appearance during pigment consolidation; U. KNUUTINEN: Commercial "cadmium" aquarelle colours, composition and stability; J. HANUS: Changes of some arylmethane dyes on paper during conservation treatment; H. NEEVEL: Non-destructive identification of corrosive inks; D. KOČAR: Oxidative degradation of polysaccharides studied by chemiluminometry; V. S. ŠELIH: Catalytic activity of transition metals during oxidative degradation of cellulose; A. G. BORQUE: Application of near infrared Raman spectroscopy to the analysis of historical documents; O. HAHN: Investigation of oxidation and migration processes of inorganic compounds in ink corroded manuscrips; J. HAVERMAS: Evaluation of four mass deacidification processes


  • 3D scanning, blæk, dokumentation, farvestoffer, fernis, fotografiske analysemetoder, grafik, gravering, identifikation, konservering, konsolidering, korrosion, kvalitetsvurdering, lak, manuskripter, metal, migration, nedbrydning, nondestruktive analysemetoder, oxidering, papir, pergament, pigmenter, Raman spektroskopi, rensning, stivelse, teknologi, tests, XRD